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Aviation Inspired

May it be, a life well experienced...

When designing this page of the site, I culled through countless images I’ve taken around the world from a plane. There are the flights with auroras dancing in the sky above the wings, formation flights with military fighter aircraft, majestic mountains, oceans, and stars passing by, and flights over the Great Barrier Reef with the door off and a camera in my hand. All of those experiences have been unique and perspective building. The truth is, I love aviation and have since I was a small child. A camera and an airplane are my two favorite passports to life. 


A life in the Air

Air - Land - Sea

A combat veteran, National Geographic photographer, and host of an adventure film series. Chad's diverse background also encompasses time as a pilot, A&P, and air traffic controller over 25 years. Copeland has circumnavigated the earth photographing "people of action" for Microsoft, resulting in his images living on 8-billion+ devices around the world. He has survived countless global assignments both as an airman and storyteller for The North Face. Men's Journal, NBC Sports, Tesla, and CNN. He also served as a cinematographer for the BBC's innie series "Planet Earth". Flying, networking partnerships, and cinematography keep him busy when not in the field.


Freedom to Fly

Wings over Iceland

There are different types of aviation vehicles and content creation requires a cinematographer to do whatever it takes. 


Wild Wings

Where Humans go, Medicine Follows

World Extreme Cinema shows the challenges life must face to survive in various environments and how these ecosystems become more extreme when faced with the many threats of climate and human-activity. As this series intersects medicine, adventure, science, and conservation, it brings up important questions we must ask ourselves as we imagine future possibilities. Human health is not exclusive to humans, it depends on the health of our planet, flora, and fauna which create globalized balance.


Friendly Skies

Like sitting in a chair...

Not all flights are equal. Every once in a while the air is so stable that flying through the air feels like sitting in a chair on a hard floor, stable and smooth. It's the many turbulent and often times dangerous flying that makes these days worth the wait!



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