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Meet Chad Copeland: A Force of Nature Behind the Lens 🌍


Chad Copeland, an intrepid National Geographic photographer and Patagonia brand ambassador, has captured the hearts and minds of over 75 million people with his awe-inspiring images and charismatic films. This globe-trotting adventurer has a knack for exploring the world's most breathtaking and often remote locations, showcasing nature's beauty, and telling the stories of those who call it home. With an ever-present hydroflask in hand, Chad is always ready to dive into his next influencer meeting, forging strong relationships with outdoor brands, artists, and fellow adventurers worldwide.


As the principal photographer for Microsoft Windows, Chad's captivating images have adorned over 8 billion computers and devices across the globe. His passion for visual storytelling has led him to collaborate with world-class brands such as National Geographic, Disney, BBC, Netflix, Discovery Channel, and many more, earning him an esteemed reputation as a cinematic storyteller with a love for the people he works with and stories he shares.


Chad's innovative spirit has driven him to push the boundaries of aerial photography, using cutting-edge drone technology to capture stunning visuals from never-before-seen perspectives. His expertise as a commercial pilot, coupled with a decade of military service and a background as an air traffic controller, makes him an invaluable asset on any project.


Chad Copeland's social media presence is a testament to his magnetic personality and keen eye for beauty. Boasting an audience of over 2.5 million followers across multiple platforms, Chad connects with fans from diverse backgrounds, inspiring them to explore the world and embrace the spirit of adventure.


🔥 Chad's Impressive Track Record, to name a few 🔥


🌐 National Geographic Photographer // Represented by National Geographic & Disney

🌐 Microsoft Brand Ambassador - Windows 10 Global Rebrand 8 Billion Devices

🌐 BBC: Planet Earth/Frozen Planet Cinematographer

🌐 NETFLIX Original Actor/Cinematographer

🌐 Director of Photography / Host: Discovery Channel

🌐 CNN Producer: Space X / Blue Origin Film

🌐 Director: Men's Journal-Disney-NBC Sports 75+ Million



🌎 Chad's Audience Demographics 🌎


  • AGES 25-35 | 82%

  • FROM THE U.S. | 93%

  • WOMEN | 63%


Chad Copeland's artistic prowess, boundless curiosity, and fierce dedication to exploring our planet make him the ultimate influencer for those who share his passion for adventure and discovery. Join Chad on his remarkable journey, and prepare to be captivated by his extraordinary vision of the world.


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