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What is a sustainable limit in the lumber industry and how can we be a gardener for the future? At Roseburg, we are responsible for over 600,000 acres of forest and it’s through decades of innovation that we are protecting biogenic materials for future generations. Today’s practices are built on the foundation of zero waste. For every tree harvested, we plant 6 more because the forest is one of our greatest allies in fighting the climate challenges, we face today. If we sustainably harvest a tree and plant one in its place, we sequester decades of carbon from the forest that’s been pulled out of the air and use it in our walls. The city becomes a suppository for the carbon of the forest and as global practices also change, the trees we plant make up the difference 6-fold. Roseburg is choosing to make an impact as scale because we manage our timber not just for the next couple of years but for the next 60-100 years. Our goal is to have the same amount of timber as when Lewis & Clarke made their way west.

Who Are We
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