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Chad Copeland is a renowned adventure and natural history photographer with a global reputation for capturing stunning images from the most remote and challenging locations on earth. Over his illustrious career, he has contributed to publications such as National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Men's Journal, and many other periodicals, solidifying his position as one of the leading photographers in his field.

In 2015, Chad's work on "People of Action" for Microsoft's Windows 10 desktops, tablets, and mobile devices cemented his status as an influential and respected photographer, and showcased his unique talent for capturing the human experience on over 8-billion personal, private, and government systems around the world. With over two decades of experience behind the lens, Chad has developed a range of Unmanned Aircraft Systems to capture incredible footage from the air, providing new perspectives and pushing the limits of aerial photography.

Chad is not only a skilled photographer but also a respected leader in the drone community, using his decade of military service, commercial air traffic controller experience, and lifelong passion for adventure to deliver unparalleled media from the air, land, and sea. His expertise, leadership, and skills as a commercial-instrument rated pilot make him a go-to choice for clients seeking stunning visuals from the most challenging locations on earth. Chad Copeland's work is a testament to his lifelong pursuit of adventure and passion for capturing moments that inspire and delight audiences around the world.

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