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Aviation Inspired

May it be, a life well experienced...

As I crafted this page, I found myself reflecting on the myriad moments I've captured from the skies during my global travels. The awe-inspiring sights have been plentiful: from the ethereal auroras that shimmer above the airplane wings, to thrilling formation flights in military jets, and the majestic vistas of mountains, oceans, and star-studded heavens. Among these, a standout memory is flying over the stunning Great Barrier Reef, my camera ready in the open doorway. These journeys have profoundly shaped my perspective and enriched my life.


My fascination with aviation began in childhood and has grown into a profound admiration. To this day, nothing matches the exhilaration of soaring through the skies, camera in hand. Both my camera and airplane serve as passports to breathtaking experiences, unlocking a world of awe and wonder. These tools not only capture beauty but also remind me of the boundless possibilities our world holds.


A life in the Air

Air - Land - Sea

As a combat veteran, National Geographic photographer, and series host, I bring a rich and varied background to my work. With over 25 years of experience as a pilot, A&P, and air traffic controller, I've taken on the remarkable challenge of circumnavigating the earth to capture "people of action" for Microsoft. My images have reached over 8 billion devices globally.


I have truly lived a life filled with adventure, navigating countless global assignments both as an airman and a storyteller for notable organizations such as The North Face, Men's Journal, NBC Sports, Tesla, and CNN. I have also contributed my cinematography skills to the BBC's acclaimed series "Planet Earth". With a relentless passion for flying, forging networking partnerships, and mastering cinematography, I remain active and engaged, constantly seeking new adventures, even when I'm not out in the field.


Freedom to Fly

Wings over Iceland

In the realm of aviation, the variety of vehicles is astounding, from airplanes and helicopters to drones and beyond, each offering unique characteristics and capabilities. Yet, creating compelling content demands more than the right vehicle; it requires a blend of the perfect moment and technical skill.


To truly capture the essence of aviation, a skilled cinematographer must be prepared to go the extra mile. This often means enduring challenging weather, working in cramped quarters, or spending long hours airborne. For those of us passionate about our craft, these challenges are simply part of the job. Embracing these obstacles is essential, as the reward of capturing breathtaking aerial footage is always worth the effort.


Friendly Skies

Like sitting in a chair...

You see, not all flights are created equal. There are days when the air is so incredibly stable that it feels as if one is sitting on a chair atop a solid, unyielding surface, the ride is smooth and steady, truly a delight.


But, my friends, it is the more turbulent and often dangerous flights that make those smooth-sailing days worth the wait. These are the flights that test a pilot’s skill and resilience, push the limits of human ingenuity and engineering, and offer us a glimpse into the extraordinary world of aviation. These are the flights that remind us of the incredible power of the natural world and of our place within it.


In the face of such challenges, we continue to push forward, to explore new frontiers, and to test the very limits of human capability. It is through these struggles that we learn, grow, and ultimately achieve greatness.



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