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Aviation Inspired

May it be, a life well experienced...

As I designed this page of the site, I found myself reminiscing about the countless images I've captured during my travels around the world by plane. Oh, the sights I have seen! From the breathtaking auroras that dance in the sky above the wings, to the impressive formation flights alongside military fighter aircraft, and the awe-inspiring mountains, oceans, and stars that have passed me by. But perhaps my fondest memory was flying over the wondrous Great Barrier Reef, camera in hand and the door off. These experiences have truly shaped my perspective and enriched my life.

It is no secret that I have always held a deep fascination and admiration for aviation, a passion that began in my early childhood. To this day, I find that nothing quite compares to the thrill of soaring through the skies with a camera in hand. In many ways, these two tools - my camera and an airplane - have become my favorite passports to life, granting me access to some of the most incredible and awe-inspiring experiences this world has to offer.


A life in the Air

Air - Land - Sea

As a combat veteran, National Geographic photographer, and host of an adventure film series, he has an impressive and diverse background. Not only has he spent over 25 years as a pilot, A&P, and air traffic controller, but he has also taken on the task of circumnavigating the earth to capture "people of action" for Microsoft. His stunning images have found their way onto over 8-billion devices worldwide.

Chad has truly lived a life of adventure, surviving countless global assignments both as an airman and storyteller for notable organizations such as The North Face, Men's Journal, NBC Sports, Tesla, and CNN. He has even lent his cinematography skills to the BBC's incredible series "Planet Earth". With his passion for flying, networking partnerships, and cinematography, Chad always keeps busy, even when he's not out in the field.


Freedom to Fly

Wings over Iceland

When it comes to aviation, there are a variety of vehicles that one may encounter. Whether it be airplanes, helicopters, drones, or something else entirely, each has its own unique set of characteristics and capabilities. However, when it comes to creating content, it takes more than just the right vehicle to capture the perfect shot.

In order to truly capture the essence of aviation and all that it encompasses, a skilled cinematographer must be willing to go above and beyond. They must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot, whether it means enduring challenging weather conditions, working in cramped quarters, or spending long hours in the air. But for those who are truly passionate about their craft, these challenges are just part of the job, and the end result is always worth the effort.


Wild Wings

Where Humans go, Medicine Follows

I'd like to draw your attention to a fascinating series called "World Extreme Cinema". Through this program, we explore the many challenges that life must face in order to survive in a variety of environments. From the desolate deserts of the Sahara to the icy tundras of the Arctic, we witness firsthand how these ecosystems become more extreme in the face of climate change and human activity.

But this series is about much more than just adventure and thrill-seeking. By exploring the intersection of medicine, science, adventure, and conservation, we are forced to confront important questions about our collective future. We are reminded that human health is not limited to humans alone; rather, it is intrinsically tied to the health of our planet and the delicate balance that exists between flora and fauna.

As we imagine future possibilities, it is imperative that we consider the impact of our actions on the world around us. By working to protect our environment and the species that call it home, we are not only ensuring a better future for ourselves, but also for the many other creatures that share our planet. And in doing so, we can strive to achieve a truly global balance that benefits us all.


Friendly Skies

Like sitting in a chair...

You see, not all flights are created equal. There are some days where the air is so incredibly stable that it feels as though one is sitting on a chair atop a solid, unyielding surface - the ride is smooth and steady, a true delight.

But, my friends, it is the other kind of flights that truly make these smooth-sailing days worth the wait. The turbulent and often times dangerous flights that test a pilot's skill and resilience, that push the limits of human ingenuity and engineering, and that offer us a glimpse into the extraordinary world of aviation.

Yes, it is these flights that remind us of the incredible power of the natural world, and of our place within it. And yet, in the face of such challenges, we continue to push forward, to explore new frontiers, and to test the very limits of human capability. For it is through these struggles that we learn, grow, and ultimately achieve greatness.



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