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The Americas

Allow me to share with you an exciting new initiative that we are proud to be a part of. We are a traveling production team, accompanied by the seasoned host Chad Copeland, who is a true master of adventure, food, and culture. Together, we are on a mission to guide travelers into the backyards of communities around the world, using engaging stories and stunning visuals to showcase all that these amazing places have to offer.

With Chad's expert guidance, we are able to capture the essence of each location we visit, showing travelers what they can expect and what they can look forward to. And through our all-inclusive agency, we strive to meet the tourism needs of each community, while promoting sustainable travel practices that benefit everyone involved.

Through our work, we hope to inspire a new generation of travelers to explore the world around them, to embrace new cultures and experiences, and to appreciate the natural beauty and diversity of our planet. And with Chad's expert eye and storytelling abilities, we know that we will be able to offer a truly unique and unforgettable travel experience for all who join us.

Adventure Calls

Travel Oregon

Welcome to "Central Oregon Adventures"! Join host Chad Copeland as he takes you on a thrilling and immersive journey through the heart of Central Oregon.

In this adventure series, viewers will explore the breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems of Central Oregon, from the stunning Cascade Mountains to the rugged high desert. Along the way, Chad will share his personal stories of adventure, introduce you to local culinary delights, and showcase the vibrant art culture of the region.

Each episode will feature exciting challenges that will put Chad's skills to the test, from hiking and rock climbing to kayaking and more. But this is not just about extreme sports and adrenaline-fueled activities - the show will also delve into the cultural nuances of the area, highlighting the unique traditions and customs of the local communities.

As a National Geographic contributor and a cinematographer for the BBC's Planet Earth series, Chad brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the show. His passion for adventure and exploration is infectious, and his engaging storytelling will leave viewers inspired to embark on their own Central Oregon adventure.

So join us on "Central Oregon Adventures" and experience the thrill of the great outdoors, the tastes of local cuisine, and the beauty of art culture in one of the most stunning regions of the United States.

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