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An epic series through Alaska, the final frontier!


Welcome to "Alaska Uncovered," an exhilarating multi-episode travel series exploring Alaska's most incredible and remote locations. As your host, I'm Chad Copeland, a seasoned traveler, master of adventure, food, and culture, and I'll be taking you on a heart-pounding journey through Alaska's unparalleled beauty, native culture, and thrilling adventures.
Using my expertise and love for storytelling, I'll guide you through the Last Frontier, connecting with local communities and promoting sustainable tourism practices to ensure Alaska's beauty is preserved for future generations.
Together, we'll delve into the vibrant heart of Anchorage and immerse ourselves in native culture, take breathtaking glacier flights, and reveal the wild frontier of the Aleutian Islands. We'll witness the untamed majesty of Kodiak, brown, and polar bears, conquer the wilderness of Denali National Park, and navigate the hidden wonders of Juneau.
Our adventures also include adrenaline-pumping heli-skiing, exploring awe-inspiring glacial caves, and other thrilling outdoor experiences. We'll embark on an epic birding adventure, engage in sustainable fishing expeditions, and chase the enigmatic aurora in Arctic Alaska.
With years of experience exploring the world's most fascinating destinations, my passion for adventure, food, and culture allows me to connect with local communities and showcase their stories through engaging visuals and narratives. My dedication to sustainable travel practices and immersive storytelling has inspired a new generation of travelers to explore and appreciate the world around them.
Don't miss this unparalleled journey into the heart of the Last Frontier. With each pulse-racing episode, "Alaska Uncovered" promises to inspire and ignite your passion for adventure. Join me, Chad Copeland, as we uncover the untamed beauty and rich culture of Alaska.

"I have so many amazing memories of my time in Alaska. Moving there in 2001 and being stationed at Elmendorf AFB was a dream come true for me. Flying through the mountains, over glaciers, and landing at incredible airfields around the state was an experience like no other. In the autumn, the bright orange, red and yellow leaves carved around winding rivers were absolutely breathtaking. And in the winter, landing on mountain ridges for back country downhill skiing was a thrilling adventure. But what really made Alaska special for me was the abundance of wildlife, the rich native culture, and of course, the delicious food. I can say without hesitation that I truly love Alaska!"

-Chad Copeland


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"Alaska Uncovered" has the potential to generate significant returns on investment for Alaska's travel industry, local businesses, native communities, and sponsors through its wide-ranging impact, engaging content, and strategic partnerships. As a high-quality travel series published on Amazon Prime, the show is poised to reach millions of viewers worldwide, driving interest and awareness of Alaska's unique travel offerings.


The show's raw footage, breathtaking photos, and immersive storytelling will captivate the audience and inspire them to explore Alaska's diverse landscapes and cultures. As a result, there will be an increase in demand for travel services, accommodations, and experiences provided by local businesses and native communities. This surge in tourism will generate revenue and support local economies, while preserving and promoting Alaska's cultural heritage.


Sponsors will benefit from the extensive exposure and positive association with the show's commitment to sustainable travel practices, safety, and respect for wildlife. Their brand visibility on a popular platform like Amazon Prime will enable them to tap into new markets and customer segments, increasing their overall reach and market share.


Furthermore, by fostering relationships with local businesses, native communities, and sponsors, "Alaska Uncovered" can create a collaborative network that drives tourism growth while prioritizing sustainability and safety. The show will serve as a catalyst for promoting responsible tourism and forging meaningful connections between travelers, businesses, and communities.


In conclusion, the impact of "Alaska Uncovered" on Alaska's travel industry, local businesses, native communities, and sponsors is multi-faceted, generating not only financial returns but also promoting sustainable practices, cultural preservation, and safety. This show has the potential to significantly boost the state's tourism sector and create lasting benefits for all stakeholders involved.


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