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Coffee with a Kid

"Joe & Junior" is a side-splitting streaming comedy series that centers around an adult coffee lover, Joe, who rides his motorcycle to local coffee shops with his young kid, Junior, in tow. While Joe lounges around and sips on his coffee, he engages with Junior and the other kids at the coffee shop, asking them to do silly tasks and pranks for his entertainment. The results are often uproarious, as the kids' innocent and unsuspecting reactions clash with Joe's irreverent sense of humor. With its quick-witted humor and heartwarming moments, "Joe & Junior" is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who loves coffee, kids, and good laughs.


Influence Earth

Welcome to our new series, which will take you behind the scenes with some of the world's most renowned cinematographers as they capture the beauty of our planet and the challenges facing it.

There is a delicate balance in nature between life and the environment in which it thrives. Unfortunately, in just under 200 years, the human population has grown from 1 billion to nearly 8 billion, and our impact on the natural world has taken a toll. The loss of over 500 species due to human activity in just 100 years is a stark reminder of the need for action.

In this series, we will showcase the work of highly experienced, skilled adventuring, creative professionals, who use the latest technology to capture stunning visuals that tell important stories. Through eco-smart expeditions, we will explore the impact of human activity on our planet, and the innovative solutions being developed to protect and preserve our natural world.

Eco-smart tourism can play a vital role in helping us find a sustainable path forward. By exploring the natural world in a responsible and sustainable way, we can inspire others to appreciate its beauty and work to protect it for future generations.

We are excited to take you on a journey through some of the world's most incredible landscapes and ecosystems, and to showcase the work of some of the most talented and passionate cinematographers in the industry. We hope that this series will not only inspire you but also empower you to take action to protect our planet and all the life it supports.


Final Click

The sun had just risen on the lush, green landscape of the African savannah. The sky was painted with hues of pink and orange, providing the perfect backdrop for the adventure that was about to unfold. A group of talented photographers had been selected by National Geographic to participate in a unique photography competition. They were divided into three teams, each led by a renowned National Geographic photographer.

The teams were assigned to different regions of the African continent, each with its own set of challenges and unique scenery. Team A was led by Chad, a veteran photographer with a keen eye for capturing the beauty of the natural world. His team consisted of five photographers who were armed with the best cameras in the world. They were determined to win the competition by capturing the most stunning photos.

Team B was led by Lianna, a talented photographer known for her ability to capture the raw emotions of people and wildlife. Her team consisted of six photographers, all armed with mid-range cameras. They were determined to prove that the best camera didn't necessarily make the best photo.

Team C was led by Keith, a seasoned photographer who had an eye for the beauty of the African culture. His team consisted of four photographers, all armed with the worst cameras in the world. They were determined to capture the essence of Africa through their photos, despite the limitations of their equipment.

The first challenge was to capture the beauty of the African wildlife. Each team set out in different directions, with their cameras at the ready. Team A captured breathtaking photos of lions and elephants, using their high-tech cameras to zoom in on the details. Team B focused on capturing the animals' raw emotions, using their mid-range cameras to get up close and personal. Meanwhile, Team C relied on their creativity, capturing the animals in unique and unconventional ways despite their limited equipment.

The second challenge was to capture the beauty of the African people. Each team was assigned a remote village where they had to capture the essence of the local culture. Team A relied on their high-tech cameras to capture the beauty of the village, while Team B focused on capturing the emotions of the people. Team C, on the other hand, relied on their limited equipment to capture the authenticity and rawness of the African culture.

As the competition progressed, the challenges became more difficult, but the photographers grew more creative. Team A used their high-tech cameras to capture stunning aerial shots of the African landscape, while Team B used their mid-range cameras to capture the emotions of the locals. Team C continued to impress, despite the limitations of their equipment, capturing unique and creative shots of the African wildlife and culture.

At the end of the competition, the photos were judged by a panel of National Geographic photographers. The results were surprising - Team A had captured stunning photos, but they lacked the emotional depth of Team B and the creativity of Team C. Team B's photos were impressive, but they lacked the raw authenticity of Team C. In the end, it was Team C that emerged as the winners, proving that the best camera doesn't necessarily make the best photo.

The competition had not only been a test of their photography skills but had also been a journey of self-discovery. Each team had discovered something new about themselves and their photography styles. They had learned to appreciate the beauty in the world, regardless of the equipment they used to capture it. The adventure had been an unforgettable experience, and the photos they had captured would forever be a reminder of their journey through the heart of Africa.


The Arctic Club

Embark on a thrilling journey back in time. Get ready to uncover the captivating story of the Great Alaskan Gold Rush and the untold tale of Seattle's Arctic Club society in "The Arctic Club," a groundbreaking new documentary. Delve into never before seen footage from family archives and join us on an adventure that follows key members and unearths stories thought to have been lost in time. You'll be swept away by this engaging, riveting, and authentic saga that brings the past back to life in a way that will leave you breathless. This is no ordinary history lesson - "The Arctic Club" is a historical upgrade that will transport you back in time and connect you to a world that once was, but will never be forgotten. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness history in the making. Get ready for a journey you'll never forget!


Shrinking Seas

Welcome to our new series about the impact of rising sea levels on the world's shrinking islands.

The rise in global temperatures and melting of polar ice caps has led to a steady rise in sea levels, which is having a devastating impact on low-lying island communities. As the sea encroaches on the land, homes, and vital infrastructure are being lost, and entire communities are being forced to flee their homes.

It is critical that we document this process now, before it's too late. By capturing the stories of those directly impacted by the loss of their homes and cultures, we can raise awareness of the devastating consequences of climate change and inspire action to protect the planet.


In this series, we will travel to some of the world's most threatened island communities, from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, to witness firsthand the impacts of rising sea levels. We will hear from the people who are being directly impacted by these changes, as well as from experts who are working to find innovative solutions to this global crisis.

Through stunning cinematography and powerful storytelling, we will highlight the importance of taking action to address the root causes of climate change and protect the world's most vulnerable communities. We must act now to safeguard the future of our planet, and this series will be a powerful reminder of the urgency of this task.

Join us on this important journey as we document the impact of rising sea levels on the world's shrinking islands, and explore the vital role that each of us can play in protecting the planet for future generations.


Taco Hunter

Welcome to our new TV series, where our host will embark on an exciting culinary adventure in search of the most delectable tacos from around the world.

From the tropical shores where they specialize in fresh fish and succulent pork, to the peaks of the Himalayas and beyond, we will explore the many different ways that people enjoy this beloved dish.

Our host will take us on a journey through vibrant markets, bustling street corners, and hidden gems, introducing us to the passionate people who craft these mouth-watering delicacies. Along the way, we will learn about the history and cultural significance of tacos in each region and discover the unique ingredients and techniques that make each taco so special.

We will feast on traditional and contemporary creations, from classic al pastor to innovative fusion tacos that push the boundaries of traditional flavors. And with each bite, we will experience the richness of diverse cultures and the power of food to bring people together.

Join us on this exciting culinary adventure as we travel the world in search of the most delectable tacos. With our host as our guide, we will savor the flavors, soak up the atmosphere, and discover the many ways in which tacos have become a cherished part of global cuisine.

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