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Commercial Pilot, Military Veteran, National Geographic Photographer, Air Traffic Controller, Actor, Test Pilot, Cinematographer, Competitive USPSA Shooter, and the best role in the world, Father.




Interactive Experience

1. Film OUR Mission (Fly an Aircraft, Summit a Peak, Submersible to the Deep...)

2. Debrief in the Cockpit of an EV (30-minute format)

3. Release YOUR Episode Globally

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"Mission Vision Values," hosted by Chad Copeland, is not just a podcast, it's a gateway into the pursuits that define the cutting edge of innovation and adventure today. Chad brings to the show a distinguished career as a commercial pilot, military veteran, and celebrated National Geographic photographer. His journey is marked by a versatile and visionary path through various demanding fields, from capturing humpback whales in Tonga for the BBC to documenting Space Shuttle launches for CNN. Chad's work has been globally recognized, notably through his photography which helped redefine Microsoft's Windows desktops, reaching over 8 billion devices worldwide.


Beyond the lens, Chad's life as an air traffic controller, A&P mechanic, and test pilot enriches his engagements with guests, bringing firsthand expertise to discussions on sustainable aviation and environmental stewardship. His unique ability to explore complex topics through the podcast is further amplified by his competitive edge as a USPSA shooter, exemplifying his precision and focus.


Each episode of "Mission Vision Values" starts with Chad immersing himself in a guest's world, be it aerospace engineering, deep-sea exploration, or scientific innovation, before transitioning to a dialogue in an EV cockpit at a supercharger station. Here, over a 30-minute conversation, they dissect the guest's mission, delve into their visionary processes, and uncover the values that drive their endeavors. This format doesn't just educate; it inspires, offering listeners a profound glimpse into the lives of those shaping our future through personal growth and innovative ideas.

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