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3-Part Documentary Series




"Whispers in the Tundra" is a powerful and riveting 3-part documentary series that delves into the heart-wrenching stories of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and relatives in Alaska. With the mission to create awareness and shed light on this growing crisis, the docu-series not only exposes the alarming gap in data and information on this issue, but also provides a call to action to promote change and prevent further tragedies.


The film pays respect to Alaska Native culture by featuring interviews with tribal leaders, family members, and community advocates, who share their insights on the root causes and long-term effects of these disappearances and murders. Through their voices, we learn about the unique challenges faced by Alaska's Indigenous communities, as well as the urgent need for culturally sensitive solutions.

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Director's Synopsis:


In this three-part docuseries, we aim to authentically portray the stories of Indigenous Alaskans, giving them a powerful voice that urgently needs to be heard. The series will explore the harrowing tales of missing, murdered, and hopeful Indigenous individuals, showcasing the stark reality of their lives and the struggles they face.


As the director, my responsibility lies not only in accurately depicting these narratives but also in creating an immersive visual experience for the audience. I envision a blend of the cinematic beauty of Planet Earth with the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous Alaskans. Utilizing high-speed cameras and innovative filming techniques, we will present a fresh perspective that has never been seen before but is well-researched and practiced.


By slowing down the visuals, we will effectively speed up the emotional impact of the stories, allowing the audience to feel the bone-chilling bite of these tragedies. In contrast, viewers will experience the warmth and protection provided by the Indigenous tribes and their communities.


We will delve into the challenges Indigenous Alaskans face due to climate change, which is causing their way of life to melt away. As rural villages become unsustainable due to the unique challenges felt by the Indigenous community, more and more people are forced to migrate to cities where they become vulnerable to trafficking. The scarcity of food and the impact on their land adds to the mounting pressure on their lives.


With 1 in 3 Indigenous women falling victim to these crimes, it is my responsibility as a filmmaker to tell a story that not only raises awareness but also inspires action to change these odds. Through this docuseries, we aim to create a lasting impact that will bring about permanent change for the Indigenous Alaskan communities and beyond. Together, we will ensure that their voices echo through the tundra and resonate with the world. 

-Chad E. Copeland

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