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Timber & Terroir


"Timber & Terroir" is a captivating legacy film that encapsulates the journey of an ambitious craftsman constructing a wine house in Roseburg, Oregon, interlacing his efforts with the rich history of Douglas County Forest Products.

"Timber & Terroir: Building Legacy with Douglas County Forest Products"

"Timber & Terroir: Building Legacy with Douglas County Forest Products" is a compelling legacy film about the rich history of Douglas County Forest Products, interwoven with the narrative of building a unique wine house in the heart of Roseburg, Oregon.

Our story begins in the present, introducing our main character, an ambitious, environment- conscious craftsman, passionately dedicated to building a sustainable wine house in the heart of Douglas County. As he selects his timber, the narrative begins to reveal the rich history of Douglas County Forest Products, and the timber's journey from the scenic Umpqua Valley to the heart of Roseburg.

As our craftsman starts to work, the narrative rewinds to the company's origins in 1941. Viewers are introduced to timber pioneers Sid Comfort and Maurice Hallmark. Using historical footage, we see their early struggles and triumphs, their transition from a diesel-powered sawmill to a steam-powered one, significantly increasing production.

Back in the present, our craftsman is hard at work, and as he carves into the lumber, the film carves deeper into the company's story, introducing viewers to the community spirit that sustained the mill. The tales of camp cook Molly Morgan's meals and the brotherhood among the workers parallel the camaraderie developing among the crew building the wine house.

As our craftsman faces challenges in his construction, we move to the company's trials in the 1950s and '60s, paralleling Comfort and Hallmark's resilience and innovation in keeping their people working and the business evolving. This mirrors the main character's commitment to overcoming construction obstacles, infusing the wine house with the same perseverance and adaptability that kept the company alive.

The film then introduces the next era of the company's history, with Hal Westbrook and Jerry Bruce taking over the reins, rebranding and redirecting the company towards foreign markets. In the present, our main character, now adding the finishing touches to the wine house, reflects on the importance of adaptation and the courage to take new directions.

As the wine house is finally completed, the film simultaneously covers the company's latest phase, exploring their commitment to efficient and sustainable practices. The wine house, built entirely from Douglas County Forest Products lumber, stands as a testament to the company's dedication to quality and sustainability.

"Timber & Terroir" concludes with a grand opening of the wine house, celebrating both a successful build and the remarkable journey of the timber used. The final scenes will draw parallels between the resilience of the company, the endurance of the main character, and the lasting legacy they both share. The film ends with a toast to Douglas County Forest Products, honoring its history, its adaptability, and its contribution to the beautiful wine house in the heart of Roseburg, Oregon.

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